Beauty & Wellness

Spend a fantastic day of total well-being at La Perla.
Awaiting you are a heated swimming pool, gym, jacuzzi, Turkish bath and classic Finish or scented sauna and the possibility to select from our many rejuvenating beauty and wellness treatments (additional charge).


To feel beautiful and pampered.

Facial treatment € 49,00 (60 minutes)
Complete body waxing € 39,00 (55 minutes)
Partial waxing: half leg, belly, underarms € 35,00 (45 minutes)
Facial waxing: facial hair and eyebrows € 10,00 (15 minutes)
Pedicure € 35,00 (55 minutes)
Manicure € 25,00 (55 minutes)


Let yourself be pampered by the hands of our expert staff and enjoy moments of pure wellness.

CLASSIC Massages
Complete relaxing massage € 50,00 (55 min)
Anti-stress massage € 49,00 (50 min)
The massages offered create a relaxing effect and harmonize body and spirit.

Lymphatic drainage massage € 50,00 (50 min)
Anti-cellulite massage € 50,00 (50 min)
These massages stimulate circulation, eliminate waste and toxins (offer a balancing and rejuvenating effect, enabling treatment of many types of lymphatic im-balance, cellulite and fluid retention).

Muscle relaxing massage for the back € 30,00 (25 min)
Energetic connective tissue massage € 30,00 (25 min)
It is a targeted treatment, with a specific massage technique on specific points, to bring relief and often the elimination of any muscular, skeletal or circula-tory pain caused by an incorrect spinal posture.


Aromatic massage € 55,00 (50 min)
A massage involving the use of aromatic essences derived from plants and flowers, very useful to restore the balance in our minds and physiology, due to the ability of penetration through the skin and nose.

Foot massage € 25,00 (25 min)
A reflexology treatment that brings, muscular, lymphatic and nervous systems back into balance.

Chocolate or strawberry massage € 49,00 (50 min)
Perfect to assure the physic well-being. The oil makes your skin soft while the appealing smell is good for your mind.

Anti-stretch marks massage € 30,00 (25 min)
Massage that tries with help of special oils to prevent and get rid of stretch marks.



Ayurvedic abyanga massage € 59,00 (1 hour)
AYURVEDA means science of life, indeed it is aholistic massage that corresponds with a physical, mental, and spiritual harmony with the environment.
The beneficial effect is enhanced by the use of massage oils chosen according to each individual's psycho-physical makeup.

Abyanga massage with pinda swedana € 65,00 (1 hour)
A warm therapy inducing perspiration by the use of bundles filled with heated herbal infusions used to massage the body. The benefits are a revitalized and regenerated body.

Herbal peeling to regenerate the body (udvartana) € 59,00 (50 min)
The skin is rubbed with a paste of flour, powdered herbs (Udvartana), rose water and oil. This treatment helps to re-activate the metabolism and has a firm-ing and slimming effect. The treatment ends with the swedana (steam bath) (brief analysis of the body makeup).

Draining cellulite treatment (garshàn) € 55,00 (50 min)
This is an intensive program, draining and detoxifying for cellulitis (water retention). Treatment che prevede a natural massage with the use of dry silk glove to remove dead cells and stimulate the lymphatic system, the application of a mixture of essential oils to eliminate metabolic waste products, massage with mud that has draining and moisturizing properties.
And finally, a bath with steam and anti-cellulite cream for your skin soft and supple (brief analysis of the body makeup).

Cellulite reducing body treatment (tridosha) € 59,00 (50 min)
Treatment to combat cellulite tailored to each indi-vidual’s physical makeup, according to the anti-cellu-lite Ayurveda concept: Vata: hard cellulite, Pitta: flac-cid cellulite, Kapha: fatty cellulite. Specific massage techiques of Tridosha, Sweda (steam baths), 15/20 minutes of specific products applied based on the type of cellulite. (brief analysis of the body makeup).

Face Ayurveda € 39,00 (30 min)
Simple face treatment by using a special creme (for any needs).



Purifying treatment with clay – rebalancing € 50,00 (50 min)
Treatment includes the application of a clay pack on the body and essential oils for a deeply purifying effect. The clay has the power to unite cosmetic energy with earthly energy offering a balancing effect. The application of the clay and Swedana are an excellent remedy for joint pain, hyperhidrosis (excessive per-spiration), skin with acne, exfoliating etc.

Wrap with essential oils € 48,00 (25+25 min)
The bandage has a decongestant effect on legs. Par-ticularly suited for varicose veins, phlebitis, and cap-illary fragility.

Peeling and bath with chocolate € 55,00 (55 min)
The peeling absorbs the cellulite and makes the skin soft and tight. The used oil is stimulating and the smell of chocolate and vanilla inspires the mind.

Savonage € 39,00 (40 min)
It’s an old ritual, based on the bathes taken by the kings. A mixture of oils and soap chosen by the guest gets prepared and has a relaxing effect.



Hay bath € 46,00 (50 min)
This bath has a calming and healing effect on the skin. Suitable for rheumatism, back pain and muscle tension

Aromatic bath € 30,00 (25 min)
A bath with essential oils for an energizing effect (cleansing and nourishing for the skin) or calming (nourishing and soothing to the skin).

Sub Sonic Bath € 25,00 (30 min)
A bath with the synergy of nine treatments ranging from purifying steam bath with the bath color with a relaxing effect, with magnetic fields for a draining effect, with sonic waves for a reducing effect on sad-dlebags and cellulite.