The true spirit of the mountains and of Carnia can really be discovered at the dinner table. Here, our desire to preserve our local traditions and heritage walk hand in hand with a spirit of hospitality and family warmth.

Fire, air, earth, water, and sun... each of these elements has its own place in our dishes. Carnia cuisine is uncomplicated but never just casual, it is centuries old but always renewed with what each new season has to offer. Natural and flavorful, it releases aromas that conjure up the emotions and evocative tastes of the past.

Our restaurant is a symbol of this harmony, of an encounter between the goodness and simplicity of the recipes of bygone times and a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, a journey into the fascinating world of venerable gastronomic traditions but surrounded by elegance and refinement, with an intimacy second only to that of your home.

Our service, which we have always considered of the utmost importance, is attentive and courteous, and our maitre d’ and our sommelier are always pleased to answer any request. The wine list offers a wealth of labels, both Italian and international, from prestigious, multi-awarded producers as well as from lesser-known, but fine wineries.
Local grappas, bitters, and liqueurs will complete your meal. Not to mention the lovely pairing of apple cream with sea-buckthorn, a wild berry also known as pomule di glerie since it grows in the riverbeds (greti), vitamin-rich and pleasantly bitter.